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Welcome to the COBUMS Quiz! Nursing is a profession of passion and dedication. But sometimes, amidst the hustle of long shifts and patient care, subtle challenges like Conflict, Overwork, Bullying, Uncertainty, Mistreatment, and Stress can creep in. Are you facing the hidden adversaries in your nursing career? Let's find out.

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Your Career, Your Calling: Defend Them from COBUMS

In the world of nursing, you're no stranger to challenges. But there are four adversaries that often lurk in the shadows, affecting both your profession and your well-being. Compassion Fatigue, Burnout, Moral Injury, and Stress – these are the COBUMS you need to confront head-on.

Compassion Fatigue

Compassion Fatigue is the silent thief of your empathy. It can lead you to feel emotionally drained and detached, eroding your ability to provide the care that defines your profession.


Burnout isn't just exhaustion; it's the erosion of your passion for nursing. The relentless demands can leave you feeling disconnected and demotivated.

Moral Injury

Nursing can lead to moral dilemmas that haunt you. Moral Injury can eat at your conscience, questioning your values and causing internal conflict that affects your decision-making.


The relentless stress of the profession can harm your physical and mental health. Chronic stress can compromise your well-being and affect the quality of care you provide.

Empower Yourself: Recognize and Defend Against COBUMS

COBUMS not only affect your personal well-being but can have a profound impact on the quality of care you deliver. Recognizing the signs and addressing these adversaries is not just an act of self-care; it's a commitment to providing the exceptional care your patients deserve.

Your nursing career is a journey of compassion, dedication, and unwavering commitment. COBUMS threatens to cast shadows on this journey. By confronting these challenges, you're not just safeguarding your profession; you're reinforcing your ability to make a meaningful difference in the lives of your patients.

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